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 Welcome to the HELM Wiki Space. This area contains the public project resources for developers and those interested in using HELM.

 HELM is both a notation, and a set of tools and applications that implement the notation. The tools are available as open source software released under the permissive MIT licence

All the HELM code is on GitHub.

As an open source project we have limited resources, so the documentation is not as extensive as commercial software, but this site is designed to let you see what we have.


 We are always interested in hearing from individuals and groups interested in HELM, so please get in touch via


Code Orientation 

If you want to get started with the code, and need a general overview please look through the code orientation video below. The slides are included for completeness, but much of the information was a live demo, so please note that they do not contain everything.

 More detail is available in the application specific pages.


Background to HELM

BioIT World article - Universal language: The Pistoia Allaince Takes on Indescribable Biology


Printable Leaflet

A history and overview of the HELM project is described in this leaflet.



We are even on Wikipedia! Not sure who added us, but many thanks to whoever it was.




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