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The HELM web-editor is designed to support organisations that do not wish to deploy a thick client.

The HELM project team is happy to announce the release of the second release of our open source web-editor. This version extends the functionality available to take advantage of developments in the HELM notation.

New functionality includes:

The ability to create molecules with the following HELM 2 features:

  • Unknown sections of or entire polymers
  • Repeating units
  • Annotations
  • Unknown connection points
  • Multiple possible connection points
  • Probabilities of different monomers or polymers
  • Mixtures

A monomer manager
A rule manager


the best opensource tool to create and edit HELM molecules.

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The webeditor fully supports HELM2 as well as the more basic HELM1 features. It also includes a monomer manager which allows you to manage your monomer library and a rule manager that allows you to create and apply your own custom changes to HELM molecules. 

Trial version

A demo version is available for you to try the functionality. Please note that this is for trial use only, if you want to use it in a production environment please take the code and deploy it on your own servers.