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HELM was released in 2013, with a single user – Pfizer (who invented it), but were shortly followed by ChemAxon and a steady stream of organisations which represent a wide section of the informatics community. We have also gained recognition from regulators who endorsed HELM as an acceptable format in ISO 11238.
The list of HELM users is now very healthy, and we appreciate our enthusiastic and engaged community. Here are some of the groups who are using HELM.


We are  on Wikipedia! Not sure who added us, but many thanks to whoever it was.


HELM has an entry on the FAIR resource and is pleased to support the initiative to make information Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable. 



Novartis makes extensive use of HELM for nucleotide registration and analysis. The open-source HELM tools are integrated with the internal informatics landscape.
Yohann Potier said, “HELM allows Novartis to accurately describe its chemically-modified constructs using an industry standard for registration.”