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HELM is an open source project released under the MIT license. However it HAbE2 currently has some dependencies one dependency on third party tools.

  • HELM Editor HAbE2 requires yFiles for Java version 2.6 or higher and GraphML extension from yWorks. If you wish to use the compiled software directly there is no need to buy a licence. If you wish to develop the software for your own use, trial versions of such libraries can be downloaded from yWorks at You need to update the ant build file with regard to yfiles.dir and jar file names before compiling and running the project.
  • The HELM Toolkit requires MarvinBeans version 5.0 or higher from ChemAxon. A copy of the required library (MarvinBeans-5.0.jar) is included for your convenience. ChemAxon has graciously agreed to provide a royalty-free license for the utilization of MarvinBeans directly through the HELM editor and notation toolkit (specifically for operations pertaining to the chemical representation of HELM monomers and macromolecules.) Please contact Cassell Essell ( to obtain this license. Utilization of the MarvinBeans library outside of the aforementioned scope and beyond a trial basis requires the procurement of a regular MarvinBeans license.



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