Tools Archive

This are contains details of tools that were developed in collaboration with the HELM project but are not part of the recommended suite.

Some are student projects, some are earlier versions of the main open-source tools and they are all included to show the work of our valued contributors.


Old HELM Editor

The HELM editor allows the user to create and manipulate large macromolecules. You can import and export in a variety of formats, but HELM underlies the internal processes.

This editor only supports HELM1 and has been superseded by the web-editor which supports both HELM1 and 2. 

Trial Versions

Search Proof of Concept

In 2014 a student from Cambridge University created a proof of concept to demonstrate how searching could be implemented in HELM. It showed how you could search structural elements using exact match and substructure searches and sequence level searches. The code is available, but there is a minimal user interface, so further work is required to make it into a fully functioning tool.

Harvard Student web-editor

Between March and May 2016 a group of students at Harvard University created a web-editor for HELM as a project assignment for their course. The report, a demo version and links to the code are all below.

Link to page containing demo version