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This is the page for our Project activities. We advance the pre-competitive innovation needs of our membership through innovation seed-funding & co-creation accelerator, start-up challenges and mentorship.

For more information contact the Pistoia projects team.

The team

About us

Our mission is to lower the barriers to innovation through pre-competitive collaboration. We act as champions of science, it's practitioners, and our membership community.

The Team

John Wise - Consultant

Anca Ciobanu - Strategic theme lead - Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of R&D

{TBD}- Strategic theme lead - Emerging sciences and technology

Thierry Escudier - Strategic theme lead- Empowering the patient

Miffy Wilson - PMO Lead






We are always looking for new ideas for projects the industry can collaborate on to lower the barriers to innovation in our industry, you can submit an idea on our main website or by simply e-mailing us.

You can find recent and past ideas for collaboration in our Current Ideas section.



(As always, if you want to find out more, contact the project team or the Pistoia Alliance contact detailed in the idea summary)




Why participate in one of Pistoia Alliances Projects?

Participation in our projects is not just about getting the “job done”. There are lots of intangible benefits of being involved including

  • Networking opportunities

  • Getting to meet others within the same company and within different companies

  • Having more brains working on the same problem

  • Developing friendships

  • Professional development


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