HELM Antibody Editor (HAbE)

The HELM Antibody Editor allows the user to visualise and manipulate antibody structures.

It includes many features, but the ability to detect domains and add structural features such as Cys-Cys bonds is central.

 **New** HAbE2

HAbE2 was released to GitHub in January 2018. Many thanks again to Roche who have continued to develop the antibody editor and have donated their efforts to the open source community.

Key new features include:  

Getting started

The following documents provide an overview of the antibody editor and the functionality available.


HELM Antibody Editor: What is it, what can it do? (slides)

 Extended Overview of HAbE (slides)

User guides

 User guide for the HELM Antibody Editor (document) 

Source Code

All code is published in GitHub

HAbE2 : https://github.com/PistoiaHELM/HELMAntibodyEditor2 

Example Plugins : https://github.com/PistoiaHELM/HELMAntibodyEditor2Plugin

Compiled code - try it for yourself

Technical information

How to connect to the domain / mutation / rule libraries when located in a database

Custom Master Libraries in HAbE v2.pdf

How to write plugins e.g. to store the antibody constructs in databases instead of XML files

How to write plugins for HAbE v2.pdf

 Licenses and restrictions

HELM is an open source project released under the MIT license. However HAbE2 currently has one dependency on third party tools.

  • HAbE2 requires yFiles for Java version 2.6 or higher and GraphML extension from yWorks. If you wish to use the compiled software directly there is no need to buy a licence. If you wish to develop the software for your own use, trial versions of such libraries can be downloaded from yWorks at www.yworks.com. You need to update the ant build file with regard to yfiles.dir and jar file names before compiling and running the project. 

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