Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

The Pistoia Alliance from time to time provides project management and infrastructure services to third-party special interest groups that are not yet ready to put forward their ideas for participation in full alliance activities.

If you are a member of one of these groups and are looking for the associated shared wiki pages, please check under the Spaces menu top-left to see if your SIG is listed. If is not, select the Space directory at the bottom of that menu to help you to locate it.

You will be prompted to log in using the credentials that you were provided with. If those credentials happen to be a Google email address or backed by the Google email service then you can use the Log in with Google button, otherwise enter the username and password in the spaces provided. 

To access your SIG's shared documents in Google Drive, please visit http://documents.pistoiaalliance.org/ and look for your project folder under Pistoia Alliance Documents -> SIGs. You will only be able to view and work with the part of the folder structure that you have been granted access to. For this to work properly, ensure that you are signed into Google Drive using the same email address that access was granted to. Only Google email addresses or those backed by the Google email service can be granted access.

Nobody outside your SIG will be able to see the contents of your SIG's Google Drive folder or wiki space, except for the Pistoia Alliance system administrator who requires access in order to be able to provide and maintain the necessary service.

Your project manager assigned by the Pistoia Alliance will inform you of your GoToMeeting account details.