This is the archive of presentations and publications from HELM team members and others. 

2021 Activities

ACS National Meeting 15 April 

2020 Activities

Pistoia Alliance Virtual Conference 23rd October 2020

2019 Activities

KNIME blog 9th September 2019

Pistoia Alliance European conference 13 March 2019

2018 Activities

ACS National Meeting 19 August Boston

Pistoia Alliance European Meeting 14 March London

    • HELM poster and a short presentation from Sergio Rotstein.

2017 Activities

ACS 20-22nd August Washington DC

RSC CICAG Liverpool 22nd June 2017

HELM Software for Biopolymers, Jeff Milton et al, Journal of Chemical Information and Modelling, 2017. 57(6), 123-1239

ACS San Francisco 2nd-6th April 2017

InChI Meeting at the EMBL-EBI  20-21st March 2017

Press release 18th January 2017

2016 Activities

 BioIT World 5th April 2016:

 11th Laboratory Informatics Summit Philadelphia 25-27th January

    • Leah O’Brien and Sergio Rostein led the panel discussion entitled "Exploring Pre-Competitive Opportunities in Laboratory Informatics Settings” and mentioned HELM.

2015 Activities

13th Annual Pharmaceutical IT Congress, 23–24th September 2015

250th ACS National Meeting & Exposition, 16-20th August 2015

PEGS Biophysical Analysis Conference, 6th May 2015

    • Sergio Rotstein spoke on “Pistoia Alliance HELM Project: Setting the Standard for Biomolecular Data Exchange” in Stream 5b: Biophysical Analysis of Biotherapeutics

BioIT World 5th April 2015:

SLAS Webinar, 31st March 2015

Molecular Medicine Tri-con February 2015

2014 Activities

IUPAC Bio-InChi kick off meeting 27th-28th October 2014

    • Sergio gave an overview of HELM alongside talks from others on large molecule representations.

EBI Industry forum September 23rd-24th 2014

    • Sergio Rotstein presented “HELM”
    • Stefan Klostermann presented “ADCs”
    • Anna Gaulton presented “Biotherapeutics in ChEMBL and the implementation of HELM”

University of Cambridge 22nd September 2014

    • A HELM multipart seminar was given by Sergio Rotstein, Andrea Chlebikova and Stefan Klostermann

HELM Showcase Webinar Wednesday 9th July 2014

Press release 1st July 2014

BioIT World 30th April 2014

Press release 4th February 2014

SLAS meeting 11th January 2014

2013 Activities

ICIC 14th October 2013

Press release 18th June 2013

London Lunch and Learn 30th May 2013