Ontologies Mapping Resources

Welcome to the Pistoia Alliance Ontologies Mapping public Wiki Space

This area contains public resources for ontology consumers and providers to support practical application and mapping.

The Ontologies Mapping project was set up to create better mapping tools and services, and to establish best practices for ontology management in the Life Sciences. For our purpose, ontologies can include hierarchical relationships, taxonomies, classifications and/or vocabularies which are becoming increasingly important for support of research and development.

A general description of Ontologies Mapping can be found on the Pistoia Alliance web site as Ontologies Mapping, which is now part of the FAIR Implementation project.


***Contact Ian Harrow (Unlicensed) about joining the Community of Interest***


  1. Ontologies Guidelines for Best Practice
  2. Ontologies Mapping Tools RFI requirements and results 
  3. Ontologies Mapping Service requirements and SLA
  4. Publicity folder on Google drive for presentation materials
  5. Community of Interest materials
  6. Ontologies Mapping Webinar recording, questions and panel answers from 23rd February 2017
  7. Publication of “Matching disease and phenotype ontologies in the ontology alignment initiative” in J Biomed Semantics
  8. The Ontology Alignment Evaluation Intiative (http://oaei.ontologymatching.org) includes the phenotype track organised by the Pistoia OM project
  9. Predicted Ontology Mappings
    • 10 mappings between 5 public ontologies in the Phenotype and Disease domains from Feb 2018 of phase 3
  10. OM/FAIR Webinar series recordings and slides

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