AI Data Group 12 Dec 2017 Action Minutes


Notes Nick Lynch (Unlicensed)


  • Dennis, Afrozy, Frederik, Terry, Ian, Jabe, CJ, Nick, Ted


  • To identify business use cases where AI could support and enhance an area.

  • To enable this AI approach by identifying key data quality needs, data sources & access & data benchmark sets

  • Validate the AI approach with an exemplar AI pilot solution

  • Initial pilot phase should be realistic to be funded as a pilot and show early value

  • Larger projects will be listed and can be used for later stages

  • Possible AI Data Manifesto 

Presentation Material

PPt from meeting


To select business use case(s) and create a business case(s) for funding by mid Feb 2018 to present at London Conference

Discussion items

Use CasesWhere are the current pain points: We hope to identify these top down from known areas or in other ways

Need to select areas that have enough data and that this data is accessible or can be made accessible easily.

Longer terms goals to encourage best data access in parallel with other initiatives


Is this Pre-clinical, clinical or post marketing?

Can we link to ETox data sources and other groups who are collecting data

 Instrument dataHow to best include  Devices and sensors not just from lab but wider data collection tools 
Laboratory DataPossible focus on maintenance information and prediction of issues
Rare Disease areasAre there suitable groups to partner here?* Building on Hackathon example

*Ian is a member of the Rare Diseases GO-FAIR group (Marco Roos and Barend Mons) at Leiden, NL. Inaugral meeting is next week.

There is potential value in publishing the use cases and discussion there

Action items

  • Document Areas for AI Community
  • Data Group Folder
  • Working Document for ideas beyond business case
  • All with use cases - please add to the business case document

  • Examples from the meeting

    • CJ - Clinical Data from Wearables and their analysis compared to current challenges of paper recording

    • Afrozy - Commercial data scenarios but also the data best practice applied to that

    • Ted -  Sepsis prediction, Morphology, Bone suppression

    • Ian - Rare Disease GO-FAIR network - opportunity for AI use case?
  • Jabe, Dennis, Frederik - Best Practice for data
    • Drawing other industry examples including non Life Sciences
  • Industry Examples of AI usage: Terry, Ian

  • Quick review of current AI uses (Imaging, QSAR activity, others)

  • Lessons from Hackathon - Nick to write to participants