AI Best Practices Group 9 Jan 2018 Action Minutes


Notes Nick Lynch (Unlicensed)


  • Andrew Conkie, Mark Roberts, Jabe Wilson ,Chris Morris, Peter Henstock, David Ficenec, Terry Stouch, Ted Slater, Nick Lynch

Goals & Discussions

  • Review the business case material

  • Add some compelling examples in key areas:
    • Pitfalls
    • Bread of literature
  • Consider impact & value of best practice on community
    • Magnify the investment as a funder
      • Access to experienced people for a small investment in project
    • Speed of delivery
    • Time saved and risks of AI errors reduced
    • Raise the base level of understanding
    • Educational value more broadly
    • Neutral party as Pistoia Alliance can recommend things
      • Could support requirements definition for tools and platforms with Life Science focus
      • Could review platforms and provide feedback
  • Pitfalls - See Mark's great mindmap in this folder
    • What shall we take from this to add to business case?
    • What could have been the cost/impact of these issues
    • Any use cases to add to Business case
  • Literature - Jabe and colleagues started a search strategy
    • Size of challenge exemplified by numbers of papers. Cannot do this alone
    • What could be our search strategy to provide these insights to wider community

Links to Material

Working area and Sub groups

Best practices Business Case

Action items - Complete by 19 Jan. Next meeting week of 22 Jan

  • Document Areas for AI Community
  • Best Practices Group Folder
  • Working Document
  • All to read Business case and document and make changes/additions

    • Short compilation of pitfalls (and especially if there has been an impact or potential impact to data output or decision making)

      • Can we define any metrics 
    • Aim to show the business value a project that would address these issues

    • Need good examples of value
    • Phasing - what could be done in 6-9 months by end of 2018
    • Who else to involve?
  • Mark to see how best to use Pitfall examples in the case
  • Jabe consider what summary from Literature review can make case
    • Breadth of challenge highlighted 
    • How the project can use teams experience (& tools) to find good examples to build on
  • What would best practices look like: - Peter H
    • How would this best practices look from the customer side?