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This month at Pistoia Alliance’s Centre of Excellence for AI/ML in Life Sciences we are planning the future activities at the Centre.


We are actively planning a new web Panel on Data Quality in AI and ML.

  • Date and time: December 10th, Monday, at 11 am EST (8 am Pacific or 4 pm BST)
  • Duration: 1 Based on our face-to-face panel discussions in October we expect that this event will be highly interactive
  • Panel members are:
    • Terry Stouch, Science for Solutions
    • Isabella Feierberg, AstraZeneca
    • Jamie Powers, Cambridge Semantics
    • Sirarat Sarntivijai, ELIXIR EU
    • Jabe Wilson, Elsevier
  • Some opening questions for our panelists could be:
    • Define “data quality” - FAIR? Open? Shareable? What are metrics for FAIR-ness of data? How accurate are metadata?
    • Discuss metadata standards, as-is and to-be
    • How high level of quality is needed at specific points of research work cycle?
      • Various models in AI are more or less sensitive to outliers, missing values, etc
    • But of course, the scope of the panel discussion is not limited by these! You will be able to raise questions during the webinar. You are also welcome to send your questions in ahead of the event using the web form below.

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AI and ML Spring Workshop in London, UK, March 2019

The Workshop will be held on 12 March 2019 in conjunction with the Pistoia Alliance Spring 2019 conference, at Hilton Paddington in London. We are actively brainstorming themes and discussion topics for the Workshop, and are inviting your contributions. Some ideas under development are:

  • Regulatory landscape for medical products that use AI/ML in the US, UK, and the EU.
  • Use cases for AI in sequence, structure optimization, generative drug design, property prediction.
  • Open-source toolkits and commercial systems for AI implementation: which ones are better suited for various problem categories?

Are you thinking of any other hot topic in biotechnology or pharma AI? Please contribute additional ideas.

Propose more themes for the 2019 Spring AI Workshop

We are also opening a call for speakers, panel discussions, and poster presentations at the Workshop. If you wish to present at the Spring event, please sign up right away using the link below.

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Datathon Update:


  • We are running a datathon in collaboration with Elsevier and Cures Within Reach
  • Due to scheduling issues the time period allocated for the datathon has been extended to December 31st
  • Winners will be announced at the Spring Pistoia Alliance conference in London in March

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How you can contribute right now:

  • Can you supply additional data mining, quality improvement, community development project ideas? Please visit out idea brainstorming center at
  • Propose ideas for future webinars?
  • Volunteer to be a speaker or a discussion panel member at our next event in London in the Spring of 2018.

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